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The961.com is the fastest growing site offering engaging Lebanese content to the Lebanese audience. Our content is easy to consume and our readers love to share it. We aim to produce content that promotes Lebanon in a good light. We like shareable and visual content.

What sets us apart? Most Lebanese sites out there are basically self-hate blogs aimed at reinforcing the negative narrative of Lebanon. We, on the other hand, want our Lebanese readers to be proud of Lebanon and our non-Lebanese readers to want to visit Lebanon.

If this is a mission you can get behind, then we want you to write for us!

Each month, we average 1.2 million+ in reach, 110,000+ in engagement and we’re set to have 100k website users this month.

What We Offer

When you write for us, we give you the opportunity to develop your skills as well as learning new must-have techniques in modern blogging. You’ll learn how to get Google to show articles (SEO), WordPress (25% of every website is powered by WordPress), analytics and insights to see who our audience is and what they like, picking out the best-performing images, how to meet the expectations of sponsoring brands and advertisers.

On top of that, your articles will be seen by thousands of people. Every article you write will include your bio and image which like to your profile. In your profile, you can include your social media links.

Since we are the fastest growing site catering to the Lebanese audience, we plan to develop quickly. This means we offer lots of opportunity for growth.

What We Expect

We expect our writers and contributors to be able to put out engaging content that people will want to share. We also expect a certain level of commitment and understanding of time-sensitive content and ability to produce articles to cater to that time-sensitive news or tip.

Above all, we require impeccable English skills, good quality writing and the ability to write in a blogging-style which is easy to read.

You must be motivated and willing to learn.

Who Can Write For Us

Anyone who is Lebanese, regardless of where in the world they live, can write for us. You must possess an interest in Lebanon as well as an understanding of Lebanese culture and social lifestyle.

Communications, marketing and journalism students/graduates are encouraged to apply.


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Note: Opinion articles published are not eligible for remuneration. 


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