MP Paula Yacoubian Proposed Accelerated Law To Designate Beirut Silos As A Landmark

MP Paula Yacoubian presented today, in a press conference, a proposal for an accelerated, repetitive law, to consider the building of wheat silos in the port of Beirut a landmark that commemorates the tragedy of the Beirut Blast.

The presented single article states: “The building of wheat silos in the port of Beirut is a landmark of the national heritage that commemorates the tragic memory of August 4, 2020, announced as a day of national mourning under Decree No. 8007 of July 23, 2021.”

The article noted that the silos’ building must be in the form in which it remained after the explosion and prevented its demolition or collapse, and that government must implement the law after it is published in the official newspaper.

“The building of the wheat silos has remained, despite receiving the bulk of the blast from the explosion. If it was not present, Beirut would have collapsed,” Yacoubian commented.

She also stated the significance of preserving the building, especially after declaring August 4th a day of national mourning, according to Decree No. 8007 of July 23, 2021.

Accordingly, she submitted a proposal for the Expedited Repetition Law in the hope that it would be discussed and passed.

This comes as the Beirut port is witnessing these days repetitive fire outbreaks in the silos, which could cause them to collapse.

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