Lebanese MP Will Boycott Upcoming Parliamentary Meeting

Member of Parliament, Paula Yacoubian, has been famously and openly supporting the Lebanese Revolution from day one.

She has publically stated on her social media platforms, in her local and international appearances and interviews, that this revolution is “the people’s revolution”.

She strongly encourages the resignation of the Lebanese Council of Ministers, Parliament, as well as the President of the Republic in order to carry out transparent and early elections.

During her campaign, Yacoubian ran as an independent and did not taint her political campaign with any political affiliations. Ultimately, she won her seat in Lebanon’s most recent controversial elections.

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#لبنان #الشعب_القوي

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Now, in her recent video uploaded to her Instagram account’s IGTV, the Parliamentarian is opening up about the reasons surrounding her decision to boycott the upcoming, and highly anticipated Parliamentary Meeting, set for Tuesday, November 12, 2019.

In her video, she makes clear that the agenda for the meeting is “not in-line” with the people’s demands.

She captioned her video “No to a meeting that does not meet the Lebanese people’s expectations. No to a meeting which is not publically aired live.”

She goes on to elaborate “[…] the true revolution only begins with the independence of the Judiciary and its transparency” – a matter she states in the only way to meet the people’s demands to return the stolen money by the government, lifting the banking secrecy, as well as other laws that the general public are demanding.

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We gathered today in Dam Square in Amsterdam to show our support to the #LebanonRevolution happening on group in Lebanon. (Happy to remove any photos upon request) After 15 years of civil war, war lords have become political leaders in the country swiping the slate clean in 1991 by issuing a law that forgive them on massacres and disasters they have done on human rights levels between 1975 and 1990. From the year 1991 till today, the same political leaders each heading their own religious sect, in many cases there are dual leaders for each religious sect, they coexist on the account of each other as long as their common interests is benefiting from their positions and letting each others' deals slide. These same leaders are the ones who fought against each other and caused the civil war now sit together on the same table and steel billions of dollars and divide it among themselves while the Lebanese people starve. I am not saying that, all of the sudden the Lebanese people have woken up from their dream that has lasted 45 years (or more you might argue), but at least they have become aware that their leaders are not their saviors and the more they let them remain in power, the poorer politicians will get them. This is a very first step towards a new start for the Lebanese people living in Lebanon. You might ask, but what do they really want now? Well: – New technocrat government that is independent and does not follow or sympathize with any ruling political party – This government will be able to save the economic situation in Lebanon – Draft a new electoral law – Call for new Parliamentary elections (in hopes that this time the Lebanese will choose differently) From my stance, I am merely a mirror of the pain of the people on ground in Lebanon and their demands. I have no demands or requests but those on ground in Lebanon who want a decent life and corruption free president, government, parliament and their departments. PEACE #LebanonRevolution ‎#لبنان_ينتفض

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This is the first time Yacoubian misses a Parliamentary Session, a session she calls a “trap”, and one that is aimed to distract people from what is really going on and turn people against each other.

She urged everyone watching, from all corners of Lebanon, to see this meeting for what it really is, not to get off the streets, and not to allow this meeting to make us lose sight of the true outcomes that this revolution needs to attain.

In her six-minute video, Yacoubian explains why each and every item on the agenda of this meeting is non-applicable, as well as not properly framed.

She addressed everything from the country’s National Social Security Fund, its retirement pensions, all the way up to the “General Amnesty” that the parliament seems to deem it a priority.

With protesters’ famous chant All Means All, one begs the question: Do we believe there are Members of the current Parliament who are trying to do good and speak on behalf of the Lebanese people?

And if so, will Lebanese people buy it? So far, protesters are less than impressed with the scheduled session, so we will have to wait and see.

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