Yahchouch, Lebanon In 11 Amazing Photos

Yahchouch is a Lebanese village in Mount Lebanon. It’s where adventure, culture, and nature meet!

The name “Yahchouch” is Syriac for “Yeh Hoshusho” meaning “the suffering god” because the god Adonis was wounded in Nahr Ibrahim.

Yahchouch is part of the UNESCO Network of Biosphere Reserves, and it has direct access to Jabal Moussa.

Nothing beats the view of Nahr Ibrahim river. The natural heritage of Yahchouch also includes waterfalls and pine forests.

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Yahchouch is also one of the top swimming destinations in Lebanon!

This village contains many churches, Mar Geryes Monastery being one of the oldest ones. It was built in the 14th century.

One of the main activities that attract people is hiking.

Discovering the mesmerizing Jabal Moussa and the nearby villages should be on your bucket list!

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We fear what we do not know.

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This village is full of water sources and caves that are waiting to be explored by adventurers!

Beautiful traditional houses.

Yahchouch mainly produces olives, peaches, figs, and blackberries.

You can also take romantic walks in nature’s stunning paths!

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