Yassin Fawaz, aka King Rolodex, Couldn’t Secure A Seat As He Only Got 111 Votes


Famous Lebanese TikToker Yassin Fawaz, who goes by King Rolodex, was running for the Shiaa seat in the Beirut II district with the “Yes To Beirut” electoral list.

Yassin Fawaz got only 111 and couldn’t secure a seat. Fawaz was seen expressing his frustration on his Instagram stories.

The TikToker with more than 580,000 followers is known to throw huge amounts of money at people in a careless and demeaning manner.

Prior to the elections, he was involved in a controversy with This Is Lebanon NGO, which works to protect domestic workers in Lebanon.

Leonila Barcelon Armamento, his previous domestic worker, has filed a claim against him for physically harassing her. She also mentioned that he was abusive to his previous girlfriend. The full report can be found here.

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