Yes Theory Just Sponsored Nelly Attar With $20,000 To Climb The World’s Most Dangerous Mountain

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Yes Theory, an American media brand and YouTube channel sponsored the Lebanese climber, Nelly Attar, with $20,000 to climb one of the world’s most dangerous mountains, K2.

The sponsorship comes as a way for Yes Theory to celebrate 7 years since it finished its “Project30 journey” in 2015.

For Yes Theory’s members, this journey “marked the moment we realized that we wanted to spend our lives searching for fellow Seekers who dare to dream so boundlessly to uplift others.”

To promote and add new seekers to their adventurous “family,” the group granted the Lebanese mountaineer Nelly Attar a $20,000 sponsorship, days before going on the journey that made history, as she become the first woman in the Middle East to summit K2, the world’s 2nd highest summit.

Nelly’s sister, Rasha Attar, told 961 that the financial sponsorship was a “surprise and just 5 days before her trip, so unexpected.”

Rasha expressed that Yes Theory’s financial support to Nelly “though a small fraction of what the whole expedition cost her, nonetheless was such a great moral push and encouragement to show her that they believed in her and her story and her cause.”

“Expeditions as such cost a fortune and without a large financial sponsor,” she added, highlighting that even with the high financial cost, “Nelly doesn’t let this stop her.”

On July 22, Nelly Attar reached the 2nd highest peak in the world, K2 (also known as The Savage Mountain), rising at about 8,611 meters above sea level.

Less than 20 women have so far managed to summit K2, and for every 5 people who tried, one had died in the attempt to reach the top.

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, the Lebanese athlete completed many sports and health programs, mainly personal training, Nike training, and Crossfit Level 2 Training.

In 2019, she also reached the top of Mount Everest, as she has also climbed 14 other peaks, including 4 peaks out of the Seven Summit challenge.

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