Yes Theory Just Came To Lebanon To Prove We’re Not The “Angriest Country”


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Yes Theory just released a Youtube video titled “Travelling to the Angriest Country in the World” whereby they spent a few days in Lebanon.

A recent post went viral ranking Lebanon as the “angriest country in the world” despite its questionable and nonexistent methodology.

Yes Theory, which has almost 8.5 million subscribers with more than a billion views, is a popular YouTube channel and a social media collective founded by four friends: Thomas Brag, Matt Dajer, Ammar Kandil, and Derin Emre.

The group is based on embracing challenges, stepping out of comfort zones, and saying “yes” to new experiences – all to “seek discomfort.”

For this video, the group traveled to Lebanon without booking a hotel, challenging themselves to rely on the generosity and hospitality of Lebanese people.

Three group members went to different areas of Beirut with different religious and cultural backgrounds.

Their goal? Investigating if the claim “Angriest Country in the World” is in fact true.

Last year, Yes Theory sponsored Lebanese Nelly Attar’s mission of climbing one of the most dangerous mountains in the world with $20,000.

العربية Français

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