This Artist Handcrafted 100 Dolls For Kids Affected By Beirut Explosion

This Woman Has Been Making Dolls For Girls Affected By Beirut Explosion.
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The horrific Beirut explosion left a long-lasting physical and mental impact on countless people, including many children who are struggling to recover from the trauma.

In scenarios as grim and stressful as this, loving gestures of support and positivity can go a long way in helping victims recover, especially children.

One heartwarming and admirable initiative was started by an artist the day after the August 4th blast ripped through Beirut.

Since August 5th, Yolande Labaki has been waking up early in the morning and working on making dolls for girls who had lost theirs or other belongings in the explosion.

Labaki has so far made 100 handcrafted dolls, each bearing the name of its new owner. She plans to do more.

The initiative is for the benefit of Achrafieh 2020, a Lebanese NGO that has been providing help for people affected by the explosion since it struck nearly 4 months ago.

“A generous and great initiative by the talented artist Yolande Labaki, in support of Achrafieh 2020 big family,” the NGO said on its official social media pages.

“100 dolls handcrafted with love and offered to little girls affected by the Beirut blast and who lost their belongings… Grateful for this big-hearted artist, sharing her art and hard work with the community.”

There have been constant efforts since August 4th by various organizations and individuals to help children through recovery.

In addition to the three who lost their lives, more than two dozen children were injured in the blast while tens of thousands of others were displaced.

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This Artist Handcrafted 100 Dolls For Kids Affected By Beirut Explosion

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