You All Are Invited to Get Free Haircuts in Front of Beirut Central Bank!

Haircuts in this economy are a burden in Lebanon. It is easier and cheaper for men, but, for women, it is a considerable budget of hundreds of dollars per year to get decent haircuts that feel refreshing and look great. Undertaking a revolution doesn’t mean we have to let go of our Lebanese aesthetic characteristics. So now, thanks to Riad Salameh, the Governor of Lebanon Central Bank, women are going to get treated with free haircuts!


Talking about the banking crisis recently, Riad Salemeh stated that there would be no compulsory “haircut” on [bank] accounts. Of course, Lebanese protesters could not let that slide, so professional hairstylists among the protesters decided to set up in front of Central Bank in Beirut, on Wednesday, November 27th, and give free haircuts to everybody!

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Even though countries like Thailand believe that cutting hair on Wednesday is bad luck, Lebanese people are more than okay with it. Others believe that it is good luck, and Lebanese people are also more than okay with it. So let’s prove Thailand wrong! Why shouldn’t we go for it, anyway, when:


#1 Dramatic changes are really on-trend right now

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#2 Short hair gives an instant fresh look.

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#3 Eliminating old torched locks by cutting off dead ends refreshes our hair



#4  Our routine time will be cut in half (easier to dry, faster to style) and we will be at the revolution earlier.

Via Wael Hamzeh/EPA

#5 It’s empowering

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#6 Teach Riad Salemeh to pick his words carefully

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#7 It is FREE

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#8 It is a learning experience

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#9 Protesting won’t stop since this is part of it

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#10 We, Will, Make A Statement

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The main purpose of this event is not the haircut really but to discuss banks, public debts and how to deal with these issues. The event is at from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm on Wednesday, 27 November. 

Everyone deserves to be pampered after all the tremendous efforts allocated to our revolution. So let’s get pampered while we are revolting, learning, and discussing the future of Lebanon.  And… nae3man salafan!


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