You Can Ditch The Car and Cycle To Work This Month

The people of Lebanon will be proud to know that environmental awareness has been headlining more and more local news. The latest initiative is one that promises to have you get to work on time, and feeling happier, fitter, and more refreshed, all the while decreasing our capital’s carbon footprint.


The community organization The Chain Effect is calling on all Lebanese to grab a bike and head to work for a car-free day in the country’s bustling capital. This upcoming April 17th, dial down the road rage and beat the traffic with the healthiest solution there is: cycling!

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For 5 years now, The Chain Effect has been promoting cycling as a sustainable means of transportation in Beirut. Through street art, community projects, public interventions, and planning, the community-based collective is facilitating our country’s transition into a more bike-friendly nation.


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You can bring your own bike and benefit from coffee and snacks offered by the participating coffee shops, or you could grab a bike and helmet from the designated spots for as little as $6.67, refundable upon the bike’s return!

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Pick up your free bikes from the following shops starting April 16th:

– Beirut By Bike; Ain el Mreisseh, Beirut Souks, and Waterfront

– Bike Generation, Tehouita.

– Bike Zone, Hazmieh.

– BikeTec, Achrafieh.

– Tokyo Zone, Hamra.

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The Chain Effect has even a solution for those of you who live outside Beirut. You can head to the city in your car, park it, for free and grab a bike at any of the following locations:

– Spinneys Jnah

– Forum De Beyrouth

– Hippodrome Beirut

– Beirut by Bike

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Then grab a coffee and a bite for free from one of the following spots:

– Kalei

– Hook

– Tusk

– Urbanista

– Paul

– Cafe Younes

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This isn’t the collective’s first rodeo. Last year, the campaign was a major success with men and women of all ages participating.

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This call for action comes in line with other initiatives and movements that have been popping up in our homeland.


To protest the destruction of our habitat, Lebanon’s youth participated earlier this month in a global demonstration calling for the implementation of more effective climate-change laws. A family-owned snack shop in Beirut ended its use of plastic, and people of twitter spread the word about Lebanon’s participation in the #Trashtag challenge.

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To make sure you’re in on the action, book your participation here.


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