You Can Now Have Dinner in the Sky in Lebanon!

The multiple variations of food restaurants in Lebanon can take you near and far, from the north to the south and from east to west. We have it almost all when it comes to food services and even the insane. Have you ever considered enjoying a good meal in the Lebanese sky and the view of Lebanon from above? Because we have also that now! Dinner in The Sky is exactly that.


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That’s the Lebanese nation, my friends. We dwell in issues and crisis and that doesn’t stop us to create the new and the fun …and enjoy them fully. This time, it’s about having dinner in the Lebanese sky. For those who are both adventurers and food lovers, this is a dream come true.

It is called ‘Dinner in the Sky’, a concept originally founded in Belgium and that operates now in more than 40 countries. It can hold around 30 people for lunch or dinner, 50 meters above the ground.


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This particular experience is a unique way for couples to celebrate anniversaries, for friends to celebrate birthdays or any special occasion, and for just the opportunity of getting out of your comfort zone.

Maybe most importantly would be that we can all come to admire, at least once in our lifetime, our beautiful country from an aerial view. I bet it will shift the negative perception of some among us about our country. As for tourists, this is a unique opportunity to see Lebanon as a whole and get to fall in love with it. 


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‘Dinner in the Sky’ shifts from one place to another, which makes it convenient for people to choose what type of aerial view they’re going for. The options are many. Whether in Tyre, allowing diners a view of the South, or in Dbayeh so diners can have a perfect view of the Mediterranean Sea and the coastal area, and so on.

A very cool option is when it’s right next to concert destinations, and diners get a mesmerizing experience of sound and lights as if attending the event on a VIP lounge while dining.


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That’s Lebanon, a country that never fails to introduce us to new experiences to enjoy life. ‘Dinner in the Sky’ goes beyond measure, proving that the sky isn’t the limit nor that Lebanon has limitations.

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