You Can Participate in Making the Revolution Christmas Tree in Downtown Beirut

Revolutionaries in Lebanon are full of amazing and creative ideas, and they have transformed the Martyrs’ Square in central Beirut into their own gallery. We have seen them put their hearts and souls into the Fist of the revolution, the graffiti, the outdoor photography exhibition, the metal phoenix, and the list goes on and on. This time, they are planning a revolutionary Christmas tree, and everyone in Lebanon gets to participate in its making!


This year, the downtown Christmas tree won’t be costing thousands of dollars like all the previous years. We were always used to visiting huge, heavily lit Christmas trees, with all sorts of food courts surrounding it. But these were different times.

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This year, Lebanon is in revolution mode and its economy is deteriorating, it just wouldn’t be right to have a thousand dollar tree when there are so many families struggling for daily bread. Also, Lebanese revolutionaries have basically conquered Martyrs’ Square, so it is their duty to plan the area’s Christmas tree, and of course they didn’t disappoint.


The idea was brought up by one loyal protester: Hayat Nazer. She is a Lebanese artist who is using her creativity and art to do her part in making a positive change in her country. She was the mastermind behind the Phoenix made from the metals of broken tents in the Martyrs’ Square.

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Hayat also put her mark all over by her beautiful, motivating, and revolutionary graffiti. Her drawings are dedicated to making statements, tributing the revolution martyrs, and saluting protesters of other regions. When someone is a determined revolutionary and an amazing artist, only wonders can be created. 


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For Christmas, Hayat Nazer had a splendid idea. The artist asked every Lebanese person to contribute to the project by sending her a pan, a rakwe (coffee pot) and a spoon. You’ll also have to put your own design on the pan, but most importantly to write your name and the name of your town or city on it, as well as your personal wish for Lebanon.

She also asks participants to take a picture of their customized pans and send it to her on her Instagram @hayat_nazer_v for a video that she will be making when the project is done. The video will be a collage of all the pans that would form the Christmas tree.


In a follow-up video on her Instagram account, Hayat also asks for volunteers from every region in Lebanon to transport the pans from their areas to her. Anyone who would like to coordinate can also contact her on her Instagram. 

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Anyone who would like to participate in the making of our capital’s Christmas tree can send their message and their support to Hayat. This is a one-of-a-time initiative, an art of Christmas tree where every Lebanese region and every person’s hopes will be embodied in the Martyrs’ Square during this special holiday. 


See Hayat Nazer’s Instagram video of the idea down below:

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