You May Be Able To Start Getting Your Lebanese Passport Again

Nisreen Hammoud

After months of waiting and procrastinating in ending the crisis of issuing passports to the Lebanese, the authorities are now rushing to solve the problem.

The required amount, estimated at $14 million, was already transferred to the French company in charge of printing passports. The company is currently waiting for the funds to enter its official accounts and has not yet received the green light to start printing about one million copies.

It is expected to soon return to work in the appointment platform designated by the Lebanese General Security to facilitate the process of issuing passports in accordance with the conditions set by the Lebanese General Security and according to travel priorities.

Regarding the issuance of passports to expats, an agreement has been signed that allows them to submit transactions abroad through the “Fast Track” service. This service is meant to speed up the process.

The process of renewing a passport abroad does not require passing through the General Security platform.

Accordingly, the Lebanese General Security will work on a new mechanism that will make it easier for the citizens to obtain their passports, given that this is a right and is not subject to preconditions.

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You May Be Able To Start Getting Your Lebanese Passport Again

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