You Will Now Be Able to Fly from Beirut to Cyprus for as Low as $17

Living in Lebanon is already a vacation itself if you know how to enjoy life, but we, fellow locals, need sometimes a break from all the action in busy Beirut and just hop on a plane and take a vacation. We do, though, have to think it twice and thrice, and work on some savings for a while. Considering the financial circumstances that approximately most Lebanese are dealing with, we do need affordable traveling deals. In any case, who wouldn’t want that?


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And now, such a possibility has become a reality for any Lebanese wishing to travel. Ryanair, the Irish based airline known for its very affordable flights, has come to Lebanon and is about to start operating from Beirut to Cyprus and back. That’s only as a start.

The low fared airline is more than welcomed by the Lebanese people in general, and there is an excitement bubbling around. These lower prices this airline provides will allow us to fly with ease without us breaking our budget or spending months saving to just afford a flight to a vacation destination or for any other purpose.


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When we speak here of affordable flights, we do mean cheap, really cheap. Its fares from Beirut to Cyprus, for example, will begin at €15 ($16.88). That’s probably your cab fare from the airport to downtown Beirut. You can see now why the excitement.

So, when should we expect Ryanair to start flying us around from Beirut airport? As of October 30th of this year; in four months from now.


Ryanair’s Boeing 737 has been already assigned to take at least 65 minutes to cover the 183 miles between Rafic Hariri Airport and Paphos International Airport (Cyprus), and that on a schedule of three times a week.

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In that regard, Ryanair’s spokesperson Chiara Ravara stated, “We’re pleased to announce Ryanair’s low fares have arrived at Beirut, our newest airport and first in Lebanon.”


With the introduction of Ryanair, ticket’s costs on travelers from Beirut will be cut in more than half. This will be of convenience to travelers, and convenience is key. It’s great to see Lebanon advancing to easier and more efficient means of transportation, without dulling our wallets!

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