See How These 7 Young Lebanese Actors Grew Up In Before & After Pictures

Have you ever wondered what happened to some of the young actors that appeared in old Lebanese series? Some decided to leave the spotlight. Others are still in the industry. What’s for sure is that the Lebanese actors have grown up quite a bit!

Wondering how do they look like now? Check it out:

Ziad Marwan Najjar 

Then: From the rebellious character “Samy” (Beit Men Ahla Byout Rass Beirut).

Now: To a successful director based in Jeddah-KSA, married and father of one.

Sarah Abi Kanaan

Then: From her first role in “Bent el Hay“.

Now: To a gorgeous talented actress.

Samer Abou Rizk

Then: From the show’s heartthrob “Rudy” (Beit Men Ahla Byout Rass Beirut).

Now: To stage director and owner of “Louna Group”.

Cynthia Khalife

Then: From her funny and strong character in “Abdo w Abdo“.

Now: To a talented presenter and actress.

Rawane Tahtouh

Then: Playing “Busayna” Ward el Khal’s daughter in “Banet Ammete W Bente W Ana“.

Now: In her role of “Jude” also the daughter of Ward El Khal In “Ashq Al Nissa” 12 years later.

Cesar Naassy

Then: From the cast’s youngest element “Fadi” (Beit Men Ahla Byout Rass Beirut).

Now: To a singer, composer and student at McGill university in Canada.

Gwendeline Zakhour

Then: From the girl with the golden locks, daughter of Cyrine Abdelnour in “Ghariba“.

Now: To a Psychology and English Student at Jönköping University in Sweden.

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