This Is Your Much-Needed Fun Dose Of Lebanese Reddit Posts

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Lebanese Reddit r/Lebanon is one of the active pages in Lebanon where people can share their thoughts, updates, jokes, and anything involving the Lebanese community.

These are some of the posts recently on Lebanese Reddit that include a weave of thoughts worth sharing.

This Lebanese Redditor is really struggling with a hybrid recipe…

Someone is very worried about their father’s typical BMW driving:

Who’s riding who?

Someone fell for the taxi drivers’ strategy “add ma baddak” (Pay as you wish).

P.S. It’s not just the taxi drivers, though. It could happen to you at a repair shop, or with the plumber, or the electrician, and you name it.

This Redditor played along and played it well:

– “How much do you want?
– Pay whatever amount you want
– How much then?
– As I told you, no arguing, pay as you like it’s oka
– Okay then, I’ll pay nothing
– Come one, just give me X thousand [LBP] and lean on God.”

A Lebanese joke in Canada earned him CA$20:

A food lover had to share his favorite sandwich:

When a Lebanese descent in the diaspora tries to figure out his/her Lebanese grandparents’ expressions:

Someone is really up to no good:

The comments are something else…

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