Your Guide to an Unmissable Independence Day in Lebanon

Independence Day parade

Lebanon’s Independence Day, a joyous celebration on November 22, marks the country’s freedom from the French Mandate in 1943. This day, woven into the national fabric, reflects Lebanon’s long journey from Ottoman rule since 1516 to French occupation in 1920, culminating in its hard-won independence.

Festivities include family gatherings, official military parades in Beirut, and school observances. Firework displays, cultural concerts, and the national flag’s proud display on streets and buildings enliven the atmosphere, symbolizing Lebanon’s identity and freedom. Historical landmarks like Rashaya Castle attract visitors, commemorating the leaders’ struggles for liberty.

The day’s essence is captured in diverse local cuisine, with restaurants and pubs partaking in the celebrations. Activities range from flying the national flag to enjoying traditional Lebanese dishes at local eateries.

Families partake in various civil marches, large communal breakfasts, and even moments of collective meditation, reflecting on the nation’s journey and aspirations​​.

Here’s how to celebrate Lebanon’s Independence Day like a true patriot:

1. Display the Lebanese Flag

Celebrate by hoisting Lebanon’s striking flag, adorned in red, green, and white. These colors symbolize liberation, cedars, and peace, reflecting the nation’s essence.

2. Dine at a Lebanese Eatery

Indulge in the rich variety of Lebanese cuisine. Whether you choose the refreshing ‘Fattoush salad’ or the hearty ‘Bazella w rez’ (pea and carrot stew), complement your meal with a glass of Arak for a truly festive experience.

3. Join the Army Parade Observance

The military parade is a central part of Lebanon’s Independence Day. Gather with your loved ones to witness this proud display of national heritage and unity.

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