Your Guide To Discover Bourj Hammoud!

Bourj Hammoud is a town that is located in the Metn District. It is mainly populated by the Armenians who arrived in Lebanon in 1915.

A commercial and an industrial area, Bourj Hammoud is where the Lebanese and the Armenian cultures beautifully merge. From falafel places to authentic Armenian cuisine, Bourj Hammoud is a must-visit region in Lebanon.

Marash Street

Marash street in mostly famous for its spices, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, and Egyptian loofahs. No matter what you’re planning to cook, you’ll surely find all the ingredients that you need there!

Arax Street

From dresses to accessories, Arax street is filled with many stores that sell fashionable clothing as well as shoes and bags that are made in Lebanon!

Jewelry stores

Armenians are renowned in the jewelry industry. If you’re looking for handmade necklaces, rings, and bracelets, you know where to go!

Fabric and craft stores

A lot of fashion designers and art-enthusiasts like to visit Bourj Hammoud to do their shopping. Filled with fabric and bead stores, this town is a must-visit for artists!

Vinyl records store

In Marash Street, you can also find one of the few vinyl records store in Lebanon which is called “Dasko Records.” If you’re a vintage-enthusiast, you must drop by this place!



Tahinov hats

Tahinov hats, or “bread with tahini,” is a pastry that contains tahini, sugar, and sometimes cinnamon.

Lahm Baajin


The Armenian version of tabbouleh!


Consider it as a mille-feuille filled with white cheese!


It’s simlar to chich barak! The manti is served either with laban or tomato sauce!


St. Vartan Church

Forty Martyrs Church

St. Savior Church

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