Your Ultimate Summer Guide for August 2019 in Lebanon

Summer is all about laying down with zero worries. It’s all about chilling, dancing, experiencing new stuff, and ticking off places from your bucket list. Now that summer has reached its peak, we have your backs on what more to do during the coming month of August. 


#1 Rayak Train Station Cultural Event (Zahle)

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Enjoy an open afternoon at the Rayak train station that is celebrating the 124th Commemoration of the Beirut-Damascus Line; an inauguration event held in collaboration with several NGOs, local clubs, and the Rayak-Haush Hala Municipality.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, Aug 3rd, from 05:00 pm until 08:00 pm, and will host a special performance of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces Symphonic Orchestra.


#2 Paragliding 

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Haven’t we all wondered how it feels like to run up a hill, spread our arms, and just fly? You can experience this adrenaline rush over Jounieh with certified experienced pilots. Flying from Ghosta and landing in the center of Jounieh bay, you will enjoy an outstanding experience over beautiful mountains, authentic towns and villages, and the greatest Mediterranean Sea.


#3 Scuba Diving

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After you finish the fly, explore the beauty of the sea and discover the astonishing marine life. Find your well-trained guide, pack your things, and hop into your next mesmerizing experience!


#4 Festivals

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Summer evenings in Lebanon are magical when festivals begin. Music, fun and pure happiness. There are lots of on-going festivals in August, so why not grab a ticket to the next festival around? From Baalbeck and Zahle to Byblos, Batroun, Saida and other cities, August is boasting with musical events.

We recommend you check out the ones hosted in the villages, magical as they can be, such as in Kobayat and Ehmej. You may also check our Summer Festival Guide for ongoing events and festivals.


#5 Chill on the beach

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Nothing is as relaxing as chilling on the beach and getting some nice golden tan. Beaches in Lebanon are well-known, they are the tourists’ first destination when coming in summer. If you are wondering which beach to hit next, here are the 14 beaches that were most recently declared safe to enjoy this summer.


#6 Hike and Swim In Jannet Chowen Village and River

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If you still haven’t visited this breathtaking spot, you must do so as soon as possible. Chowen lake is truly a piece of heaven, just 40km away from Beirut. It has become one of the main tourist attractions in Lebanon. Make sure not to miss any astonishing water tunnels and caves! 


#7 Road Trips

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They say that a road trip is a way for friends or the whole family to spend time together and annoy each other in interesting new places. One thing for sure, we highly recommend them for the sense of freedom and thrill it brings along, and the discovery of new places in Lebanon. If you are up to such amazing experience, check out these 10 Summer Road Trips You Should Take With Your Friends in Lebanon!


#8 Discover Ancient Ruins 

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A great way to discover the rich historical side of Lebanon is to visit the ancient ruins. Lebanon is home to fascinating cultures from the Romans to the Phoenicians. Some are well-known, such as the temple of Bacchus in Baalbeck and the Sidon Sea Castle, others are little known and we highly recommend you take a day to play the explorers with your friends and get to discover the 10+ Little-Known Ancient Sites in Lebanon You Probably Didn’t Know Existed!


#9 Head to the next destination of Souk el-Akel

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At Souk el-Akel, or the market of food, you will find the most edible delights that suit your tastes! Since July 4th, it sets on various locations across Lebanon, ending in Sayda (Sidon) the last 3 days of August. Refer to the schedule above, and hit the road for a day of fun eating. The experience is well worth it. Enjoy the different types of food with a great company of yours!


#10 Join the crowd for an outdoor movie night!

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Yes, we have those now in Lebanon! You can enjoy outdoor movies and even picnicking with your friends while you do. Check the Hippodrome of Beirut and the Garten in Biel for a movie night of your choice, grab some snacks, and join the public in the open air. It is a unique experience worth enjoying. 


Lebanese Summers are truly amazing. You just have to explore and discover their active beauty. There is always something to do, no matter what your preferences and budget are. 

Are you seeking another kind of adventure? Check out these 11 Touristic Sites in Lebanon You Can’t Miss This Summer!

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