The Series About Beirut That You Should Definitely Binge-Watch

Mounia Akl

Around a decade ago, two up-and-coming Lebanese filmmakers created a web-series that continues to live in the hearts of those who watched it.

Entitled “Beirut, I Love You,” the series follows a couple of Lebanese in their twenties as they navigate their personal and professional lives.

From today’s perspective, the series tells stories of a normal time in Beirut. The global pandemic was nonexistent, there was no economic crisis, people could access their money in the banks, the Lebanese pound’s exchange rate was stable, people went out and socialized, they enjoyed life.

Even though, the series has some scenes that serve as a reminder of how broken Lebanon’s governing system has been and attests to how it’s only gotten worse since 10 years ago.

Despite this, “Beirut, I Love You” portrays the complex love-hate relationship for Lebanon and for its chaotic yet beautiful capital. It can transport viewers to a time where life was much more enjoyable in the country.

With Mashrou Leila in the opening credits, the series highlights simple yet precious things, such as the trust between people, the cheerfulness of street vendors, and relationships between friends and family.

It has a lot of spirit-lifting Lebanese comedy that everyone can use right about now.

“Beirut, I Love You” was picked up by LBC where it aired on prime-time three days a week. Around 40 episodes aired on the channel.

The series is the early work of talented directors Mounia Akl and Cyril Aris, each of who have since excelled in their careers. Both Akl and Aris starred in the series as the main protagonists, Yasmine and Tarek.

Today, they are based between Lebanon and New York where they each lead an incredible journey in the film and creative industry.

After two seasons, their series was put on hiatus while they both continued their film studies abroad. Luckily, the series is entirely uploaded on YouTube and is definitely worth binging (or re-watching).

Here are the youtube links for season 1 add season 2.

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