Watch This Popular YouTuber In Canada Swapping Lebanese & Polish Foods

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Guy Hobeika is a YouTuber, Snapchat artist, and content creator who does pranks, challenges, reactions, and vlogs on his channel called “DRHOBS”.

He started his YouTube career back in 2017 and now has 228K subscribers. What makes his channel special, however, is that he’s funny, innovative, and most importantly that he’s not shy about showing his Lebanese side.

Guy was born and raised in Lebanon but is now based in Ottawa, Canada. During an interview with Apt613, he stated: “I grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. I stayed there until Grade 12 and then I moved here. As a kid. I had the idea of doing something different, to have an impact.”

He also shared his future goals with them, saying: “I want to travel and do more Snapchat around the world. I’ve done it in Paris and London. I did a couple snaps in Lebanon.”

“I live in Ottawa so most of my Snapchats are here. I want to travel and do a Snapchat character that travels around. I also want to travel around Canada, and show my followers.”

Though he lived most of his life outside Lebanon, Guy is apparently still attached to his homeland and roots.

It also seems that he’s attached to Lebanese food the most. His videos “Lebanese & Italian Swap Lunch Food”, “Lebanese & Asian Swap Breakfast Food”, “Lebanese vs. Mexican Sandwiches”, and other challenges of the like prove just that.

His most recent video, posted on November 6th and gaining over nine thousand views so far, is titled: “Lebanese & Polish Swap Lunch Foods”.

His goal was, of course, to have some delicious food, and to prove that the “Lebanese and Polish food culture are not that far apart”.

He presented his Polish friend Lindsay with Lebanese classics like Falafel, Manakich, Koussa, Tabbouleh, Wara’ Arish, etc. And for snacks, he introduced her to Lebanon’s famous Unica and Dabke.

And finally, for dessert, they had the iconic Baklawa. It is safe to say that Lindsay became a fan of Lebanese food since she rated it 8/10… which is not bad at all.

Guy Hobeika is doing a great job introducing people of other cultures to our amazing cuisine along with the typical good humor. These food swap challenges, he does them not just for his friends but for his thousands of followers and fans from around the world.

His videos are entertaining and will give you a peek into different cultures. Watch the “Lebanese & Polish Swap Lunch Foods” down below:

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