YouTuber: Lebanon Is Super Cheap For Foreigners


“Lebanon – You really played with my heart this time. I will never forget this trip.” ~ Indigo Traveller

As the last part of his 9-episode YouTube series about Lebanon, travel vlogger Nick (Indigo Traveller) decided to highlight the severe hit the country has taken and its fluctuating exchange rate.

Lebanon is “super cheap for foreigners,” he wrote on in the title of his latest Lebanon episode of the series he called “Lebanon Falling.”

“Lebanon Falling”

At the time Nick took the footage, the black market exchange rate was around 6,700 LBP per 1 USD. Today, the situation is even worse with the Lebanese pound trading at around 8,700 LBP.

Having visited Lebanon before in 2018, Nick talks about the inflation and collapsing banking system and how it’s affecting the people of Lebanon.

“If people had their entire life’s savings in the bank accounts here in Lebanon, they’ve lost their money until further notice. It’s not looking likely they’re gonna get their money back,” he explains. “Everyone’s money is frozen in bank accounts, they can’t access it.”

In his video, Nick noted the increase in homeless people on the streets and he was told that international brands like Coca-Cola have begun pulling out of Lebanon because of the economic situation.

However, Nick showed a striking contrast when he visited Zaitunay Bay, a high-end seaside promenade with restaurants and shops located at the Beirut Marina that is full of yachts.

As suggested by the title of the video, places like this high-end strip are now super cheap for foreigners or locals who have dollars to exchange.

And while it seems like the best time for travelers to spend money in Lebanon and encourage the economy, the wicked irony is that there’s a global pandemic.

Moreover, the black market exchange rate is widening the gap in the socio-economic status in Lebanon, basically terminating the country’s middle class.

That being said, the main goal of his “Lebanon Falling” series was to showcase Beirut after the explosion of August 4th, 2020, to raise awareness and funds to help Beirut blast victims and refugees.

“Lebanon Falling & Hopefully Rising”

“Lebanon – You really played with my heart this time. I will never forget this trip,” Nick wrote in an Instagram post.

“To be honest, it was very emotionally draining witnessing the current state of the country and the desperation of the local Lebanese people and the refugees who have fled from war in nearby countries. These people are facing unimaginable hardships every single day.”

The good news is Nick’s fundraiser for Human Appeal has already surpassed the goal of $100,000.-

In the video, he gets visibly emotional reflecting on his trip to Lebanon and how the donations have been able to help some people after the Beirut blast.

An example is former bank manager 80-year-old Samir, who was living in a very bad condition and was injured during the blast. His home, which was damaged in the blast, is currently being renovated thanks to the donations.

Admiring the Lebanese people’s resilience, strength, and will to fight for a better tomorrow, Nick has hope that little by little Lebanon will heal.

Watch the full video here:

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