Most Popular Youtuber, PewDiePie, Just Donated $100,000 To Lebanese Red Cross

Most Popular Youtuber, PewDiePie, Just Donated $100,000 To Lebanese Red Cross
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There’s no doubt that the tragedy that is the Beirut Port explosion has shaken the world just as it has the Lebanese capital. With every day that goes by, new countries and worldwide public figures are pledging support for Lebanon.

In his latest video, the undeclared “King of YouTube,” PewDiePie, announced his intent to donate $100,000 to support the ongoing relief efforts in the traumatized country.

For a long time, the Swedish YouTuber, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, has been known for pledging monthly sums of money that he gathers as revenue from his massively-popular live streams to various NGOs and charities.

This month was no different. Initially, this month’s charity funds were supposed to go to the Blue Ocean Foundation, which promotes healthy economic development in Colorado, US.

However, “seeing everything that happened in Lebanon, I think we should change it…” Kjellberg told his channel subscribers, whose total is a whopping 106 million people, on August 6th.

“… [The donations of] this month will go to Red Cross Lebanon; the $100,000 will go to them, and then next month we’ll [donate to] Blue Ocean,” he said, “because what’s happening in Lebanon is way more urgent right now.”

After announcing his donation to the Lebanese Red Cross, he encouraged his fans to do the same via a link that he provided in his video’s description.

With this charitable gesture, PewDiePie has joined several other celebrities from around the world in expressing support for the Lebanese people, who are going through the harrowing aftermath of a horrific explosion that wreaked immense destruction in Beirut.

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