Youtuber Requested A Flag From Every Country, This Is How Lebanon Responded

The YouTuber who runs the channel Spaghetti Road recently released a video explaining how he requested a flag from every country in the world. After sending emails to Lebanese officials, he only got back one reply. Here’s what happened.

To ensure he gets at least one fruitful response and a flag from each country, Sebastian sent emails to various representatives of a single nation.

In Lebanon’s case, he first sent an email to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants.

He then sent another email to Dr. Amal Mudallali, the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Lebanon to the United Nations, “just for good luck,” he said. This is the email that Sebastian sent to both Lebanese officials:

Dear representatives of Lebanon,

I collect flags, but I don’t have the flag of Lebanon – even though I find it very cool. I would be happy if you could send me one, even just a small one would be nice.

My address is ** his address**.

I wish you all the best.

While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs didn’t respond to his email, the Lebanese UN Ambassador replied with the following message:

Dear Sebastian,

Thank you for your interest in having the flag of Lebanon. Kindly contact the embassy of Lebanon in Sweden regarding this request.

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In the end, out of the 119 flags from around the world that he decorated his “flag room” with, none was red and white with a green cedar in the middle.

It’s nice, at least, that Lebanon didn’t end up on his list of 50 countries that neither replied to his emails nor sent him a flag. So we got that going for us… The story doesn’t end here, though.

Curious to know if he did get a Lebanese flag after the video was uploaded, I contacted Sebastian to ask him about it.

It turns out the YouTuber still got nothing from the embassy or any Lebanese officials but did get something else.

He said that he was offered to be sent Lebanese flags by some “very nice Lebanese people” who saw his video. So the red, white, and green should be up on that wall soon, courtesy of the Lebanese people.

Anyway, you can watch Spaghetti Road’s impressive video below, and don’t miss the part about Lebanon around the 4:35 mark.

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