Watch Foreign YouTuber Documenting Beirut’s Slow Recovery After The Blast

Indigo traveller l Lodie Naimeh

Nick, aka Indigo Traveller, is a YouTuber who travels “misunderstood parts of the planet showing the human side of what we read in the headlines.”

So far, he has done a great job capturing the reality and the spirit of every place he visits, among those are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Venezuela, etc.

His videos are much more than travel videos or vlogs… they are documentaries. That’s what earned him his 793K subscribers who eagerly wait for his videos to learn about new parts of the world.

His latest post, “Walking Streets Of Beirut (Arriving In Lebanon 2020)”, was posted 6 days ago and has already more than 167,000 views.

In this video, Nick perfectly documents Beirut’s slow recovery after the blast. He even interviews locals and provides up-close footage of the damages. This vlog is also really informative and raises awareness about the situation in the country… and it appears to be the first episode of a series.

At the beginning of the video, the YouTuber talks about the economic, social, and health situation in Lebanon. He also provides information about the revolution and corruption, as well as the effect of COVID-19 on the already collapsing country.

And of course, the main issue he covers is the blast. He doesn’t only show the damages of the blast on the buildings, homes, and the Beirut port, but he also shows the damage it had on the Lebanese citizens.

He interviews a security guard who is still guarding a destroyed business despite his injuries. He also visits a family that was lucky enough to have their house fixed by an NGO.

All of these people describe the moments before, during, and after the explosion. They were lucky enough to survive this horrible disaster, however, months later, they are still living with the aftermath.

This video is great on so many levels. As we all know, Lebanon is a country that is facing many issues right now; Nick, in these 25 minutes, managed to shed light on all of them. You can watch the video down below:

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