Zaarour Club, Lebanon in 15+ Amazing Pictures

Zaarour Club is a gated community located in the heart of the eastern side of Mount Sannine in Metn. The site is only 34 km from Beirut and can be easily accessed from several regions like Broumana, Bikfaya, Baskinta, Zahleh, and Aintoura.


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Zaarour Country Club is the perfect holiday destination all season long during summer and winter. It offers an array of outdoor activities for snow and sun lovers alike.

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The compound includes a 5-stars hotel (Le Grand Chalet), restaurants, pools suitable for children and adults, sports courts, a playground, retail spaces and much more.

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Aside from the amenities that it offers, Zaarour Club’s location in the heart of Lebanese mountains provides travellers and locals amazing landscapes and breathtaking sceneries.


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A ski station with slopes is also set up for winter sports enthusiasts – as well as a beautifully constructed lake in the middle of the site.

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Zaarour Country Club is approximately at an altitude of 1825 m above sea level.

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“The Lakeside Festival” is an annual event that takes place around the club’s beautiful lake during the summer. People come from all over Lebanon to participate in the activities and to eat & shop while enjoying the festive ambience. 

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The club also holds parties in locations such as Frozen Cherry, The Dublin Room and Jouroudi Zaarour.


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Zaarour club can also serve as the perfect wedding or private event setting.


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