Don’t freak out but Zaatar w Zeit is opening in Canada!

It comes with great pleasure to announce that Zaatar w Zeit is expanding into Canada in a couple of months. The beloved restaurant recently and quietly revealed their plans to enter the Canadian market.

Their first location will be in downtown Vancouver. However, not too many Lebanese live there, especially compared to cities like Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Halifax.

We’re confident that if they bring their amazing quality of food, taste, pricing and flavour from Lebanon, they will have a lot of success with the local Vancouverites. We have discovered that there are plans in the future to open locations in other major Canadian cities. The number of locations in each city will depend on the market and demand.

The first branch will be located at 531 Granville St, Vancouver, BC. Mahmoud Sobh, Zaatar w Zeit’s COO, had this to say:

Canada is one of the most open and multicultural countries where people enjoy authentic food made with fresh healthy ingredients. Canadians would be great ambassadors for our ‘love’ brand. Our menu has something for everyone. Whether you’re vegan or a meat lover or anything in between; the Canadian market covers the range

The Zaatar w Zeit team told us that the menu would generally be the same, but they will be adapting it to the local market. They clarified that the menu will include more vegan items. I’m sure you’re wondering if the average Vancouverite will have difficulties pronouncing ‘Zaatar w Zeit’. We were told that they tested this with a pool of audience and found that they didn’t face this problem. However, they are more likely to say “Zaatar and Zeit” rather than “Zaatar w Zeit”.. close enough!

Zaatar w Zeit in the Middle East

After being a huge success in Lebanon since it first opened its doors in 1999, Zaatar w Zeit expanded throughout the Middle East. They opened locations in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, and Qatar. And now, Canada.

World Mankousheh Day

Zaatar w Zeit just created “World Mankousheh Day” last week to celebrate the mankoushe. They gave out thousands of manakeesh throughout Lebanon.

They also matched the number and donated thousands of manakeesh to FoodBless – an organization that fights hunger in Lebanon.

We wish you all the best, Zaatar w Zeit! Thank you for the amazing food and for making us proud!

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