Here’s The Full List Of Who’s Running In the Bekaa I (Zahle) District In Lebanon’s Elections


Lebanon’s elections are well known for their intricate political schemes and unorthodoxies.

In this election, and with the rise of revolutionary youths driven by the existential need for deep change in the political arena, many traditional parties are reorganizing their electoral skills for one more fateful blow against any tangible change shimmering under the debris.

Lebanon comprises 9 electoral districts, each with a varying number of seats for sectarian representation. Here is the list of all the candidates in the Bekaa I district (Zahle) for a more detailed look at the status quo:

Note: In the list below, LF stands for the Lebanese Forces Party, headed by Samir Geagea, and FPM for the Free Patriotic Movement, headed by Gebran Bassil.

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Petra Khalil Samaha        Greek CatholicCapable of Confrontation
Rami Roukos Abou EidGreek CatholicCapable of Confrontation
Ghassan Abdo HmaimesMaroniteCapable of Confrontation
Rania Shehadeh el-MaisSunniCapable of Confrontation
Leena Manouk KoukjianArmenian OrthodoxChange
Khalil Nabih YounesGreek CatholicChange
Tanios Nasri KhouryMaroniteChange
Hussein Abdullah el-KhatibShiaChange
Rida el-MeisSunniChange
Martine Andre DemergianArmenian Orthodox Independent Sovereignists (Kataeb)
Michel George DaherGreek CatholicIndependent Sovereignists (Kataeb)
Youssef Michel QaraouniGreek OrthodoxIndependent Sovereignists (Kataeb)
Samir Antoine SaderMaroniteIndependent Sovereignists (Kataeb)
Fares Abu HamdanShia Independent Sovereignists (Kataeb)
Omar HalablabSunniIndependent Sovereignists (Kataeb)
Fouad Saeed KhouryGreek CatholicSpeech and Action
Omar Khayyam Ghassan MaaloufGreek OrthodoxSpeech and Action
Imad Samir ChamounMaroniteSpeech and Action
Ali Hosni MahdiShiaSpeech and Action
Samar Abdel Razak AdhamSunniSpeech and Action
Narek Banous AbrahimianArmenian OrthodoxThe Popular Bloc
Miriam Gibran Tawk SkaffGreek CatholicThe Popular Bloc
Sami Fawzi NabhanGreek OrthodoxThe Popular Bloc
Maroun Sassine MakhoulMaroniteThe Popular Bloc
Fawzat Diab DalloulShiaThe Popular Bloc
Mohamed HamoudSunni The Popular Bloc
Armen George IsfahaniArmenian OrthodoxZahle Revolts
Jihad Nadra TurkGreek CatholicZahle Revolts
Eid Elias AzarGreek OrthodoxZahle Revolts
Ammar Mohamad SaboriShiaZahle Revolts
Hamza Ghazi MitaSunniZahle Revolts
George BoujikianArmenian OrthodoxZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)
Rabih Wahib Assi        Greek CatholicZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)
Antoine Selim ShaqyehGreek OrthodoxZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)
Salim George AounMaroniteZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)
Rami Abu HamdanShiaZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)
Hussein Deeb SalehSunniZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)
Pierre Sarkis DemirjianArmenian OrthodoxZahle the Sovereign (LF)
George Elie OkeisGreek Catholic Zahle the Sovereign (LF)
Sabine Pierre KassoufGreek Catholic Zahle the Sovereign (LF)
Elias Andre EstefanGreek OrthodoxZahle the Sovereign (LF)
Michel Roux TannouryMaroniteZahle the Sovereign (LF)
Dima Hussein Abu DayhShiaZahle the Sovereign (LF)
Bilal Melhem Al HashimiSunni Zahle the Sovereign (LF)