Zahle Is Just Hours Away From A Total Blackout

For The First Time In Years, Zahlé's Industrial Customers Will Not Be Getting 24/7 Electricity

Zahle will drown in complete darkness within 48 hours, Electricity of Zahle (EDZ) announced on Monday.

EDZ has been providing sustainable electricity for seven years to the city of Zahle and its neighboring villages in eastern Lebanon.

For the first time since then, the area is now threatened with a total blackout, due to the ongoing fuel crisis in Lebanon and the severe shortage of diesel fuel.

As such, EDZ has called upon the concerned authorities to “intervene immediately,” explaining that it “will be forced to reach a total and complete power outage within 48 hours, and the company and its subscribers will be victims of inaction and indifference as is all of Lebanon and the Lebanese.”

“After 7 years of sustainable supply, the city of Zahle and 16 neighboring towns, or 300,000 citizens, will plunge into total darkness, leaving repercussions that no one can bear the consequences of.”

The company said that the move comes after its entire reserve of diesel fuel ran.

EDZ added that despite its readiness to cooperate with all importers, “securing diesel fuel has become impossible and there are no signs of a solution soon.”

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Zahle Is Just Hours Away From A Total Blackout

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