Zara Owner Wants to Make Scrubs for Hospitals Fighting COVID-19

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After Italy, Spain has the largest number of coronavirus cases among European countries. More than 2,000 people died so far from COVID-19 in Spain alone.

Right now, it has over 33,000 coronavirus cases. Most of them are mild, but 7% are severe. (Source: Worldometer)

Parent company to Zara, Inditex, led by its owner Amancio Ortega, donated already 10,000 face masks and ensured the purchase and transportation of 300,000 more, which shipment just landed in Spain, from China.

Now, Inditex’s owner is looking into producing medical gowns for Spain hospitals hit by the coronavirus crisis. That’s the perk of owning a fast-fashion empire and using your power for the greater good.

Inditex subsidiaries also include Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Massimo Dutti, Pull&Bear, and more. Due to the pandemic, it has closed over 3,500 stores around the world.

Many brands have been putting their production capabilities to good use in combating COVID-19.

Due to shortages in sanitary products, fashion house Louis Vuitton made hand sanitizer instead of perfume and gave it out for free. Similar actions are undertaken by Dior and Givenchy, among others. Some distilleries are doing the same.

Most recently, Lebanese-Italian designer Tony Ward began producing bedsheets and protective gear to be donated to hospitals in Lebanon.

A statement released by Inditex’s executive chairman Pablo Isla expressed the company’s solidarity to all those affected by the COVID-19.

He gave thanks to healthcare professionals around the world who are working hard to treat patients and combat the virus.

What better way to show gratitude than by proactively producing hospital scrubs before facing shortages in those too?

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