Zeina Kanjo’s Husband Says He’ll Be Back To Lebanon Soon

Zeina Kanjo's Husband Says He'll Be Back To Lebanon By Monday

Ever since he fled Lebanon, Zeina Kanjo‘s husband has been regularly commenting about his relationship with Kanjo and the circumstances of the murder he committed.

In an interview with MTV on Friday, Ghazal revealed new details about the crime that took place a few days ago, announcing that he would return to Lebanon in the next few days.

Zeina is a very good person and she’s my whole life… We were sitting, eating fruits and drinking when a very big argument started between us,” he said during the interview.

“So, I put my hand over her mouth so she’d lower her voice, and that was not the first time I’d done this… I put my hand over her mouth and she was gone.”

Ghazal continued: “When she fell from me, I immediately put her in bed and put water and perfumes on her mouth and nose, but she did not respond.”

He said he was not justifying himself or claiming innocence, denying that Kanjo had filed a domestic violence lawsuit. “Zeina was not abused; she was respected and honored,” he claimed. He also denied having stolen jewelry or money.

With that said, he claimed that he had not intended to murder Kanjo. “No one kills his wife, especially if he loves her, and if I wanted to kill somebody that’s not how I’d do it… When you do something and lose your life, regret won’t be of help.”

“I’m definitely returning to Lebanon. From now until Monday, I’ll be in Lebanese territory,” he confirmed.

Since murdering Kanjo and leaving Lebanon for Turkey, Ibrahim Ghazal has been posting pictures of himself with his deceased wife, with captions about “missing her,” drawing angry comments from social media users.

Ghazal was charged with murder in absentia on Friday.

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