Check Out Ziad Nakad’s Special Collection 2022


There aren’t many words to describe Ziad Nakad’s Special Collection 2022, as it seems as if it holds a magical spell in the designs.

The dazzling collection dives into the world of elegance and beauty reflected in sumptuous gowns.

The collection is infused with gorgeous colors, ranging from powerful red, emerald green, nude pink, gorgeous purple, and beautiful hues of blue.

Ziad Nakad’s “Special Collection 2022” holds uniqueness and craftmanship skillfully inserted through the use of embroidered metallic details.

The Lebanese designer also plunges into glamour with daring cuts scattered throughout the collection.

Fearlessness is ever-present, as Nakad’s designs are meant to meet the modern ladies by their irresistible charm.

These divine gowns carefully designed simply represent the Lebanese sophisticated style.

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