Zomato Is Shutting Down Its Delivery Services In Lebanon

Norman Mortenson/Pexels

The food delivery and restaurant discovery company Zomato has announced on Instagram that it will shut down its delivery services by the end of 2021.

The App launched in Lebanon in 2014, and, by 2018, it reached 750,000 users, according to Bechara Haddad, former Zomato’s Country Manager in Lebanon, and currently the General Manager at Toters Delivery since March 2021.

The App will still allow people to browse through restaurants, however, it won’t be providing delivery services.

The fuel crisis and the devaluation of the Lebanese Pound make it difficult for the Zomato drivers themselves, who are now facing unemployment.

This adds to their already present issues due to the soaring prices of almost everything, from fuel to groceries.

Lebanese people have already expressed their opinions at yet another service lost in the country due to the crises.

This isn’t the first time a global company shuts down in Lebanon due to the ongoing hardships challenging the smooth run of the operation.

Other global companies, like Pinkberry and Coca-Cola, shut down last year.

The electricity issue in the country also makes it difficult for restaurants as well as supermarkets to preserve food, which has resulted in a surge of food poisoning cases since early this year.

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Zomato Is Shutting Down Its Delivery Services In Lebanon

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