10 Pastry Shops You Must Try at Least Once In Lebanon

It has been long said that Lebanese sweet confectioners are among the best in the world, and not only for their skills in traditional sweets.

We may say that it is due to the famous (or infamous?) Lebanese sweet tooth or to the love these pastry makers of ours allocate to their confections along with their skills and creativity.

Fact is, the reason doesn’t matter (right?), only that they are awesome and so are their confections. And, in Lebanon, we can’t have enough of them. So here are some of the most loved sweet shops for you to try, at least once! 

#1 Amal Bohsali (Various Locations)

One of the oldest in Lebanon, established in 1878 by the Bohsali family in Beirut, Amal Bohsali has always been a classic of traditional Lebanese sweets. I think everyone I know basically goes to Amal Bohsali to take to their friends and family abroad a piece of home with these sweets.

Available in Jal El-Dib, Hamra, Chiah, and Kraytem, in addition to a Gourmet specialty in Kouraytem.

#2 Cremino (Various Locations)

Cremino is a crowd favorite in Lebanon. Their cakes are always absolutely to die for and always so fresh. Cremino bakers come up with creative ways to bring their bouza (ice cream) flavors to life and drag so much attention to the designs of their confectionery. 

#3 Al Hallab & Sons (Various Locations)

Established in 1880 in the northern capital of Tripoli, Al Hallab is a Lebanese gem of traditional sweets, and their desserts are a clear reason as to why they’re always so crowded and full.

Al-Hallab is always a place to go for a Lebanese breakfast of the delicious Tripolitan Lahem Bel Ajeen (meat pizza) or a Mafroukeh on a Sunday morning with the family, and the famous Ramadan Kelaj sweet.

#4 Sea Sweet (Various Locations)

My favorite memories of Sea Sweet have always been, going there at the end of a beach day and enjoying their delicious ice cream.

Sea Sweet, in its various locations, offers both Lebanese and French pastries that dare any picky sweet tooth and also caters phenomenal wedding cakes. Sea Sweet started operating in 1966 to then spread with various branches across the country.

#5  Al Baba (Various Locations)

This wouldn’t be a list for Lebanese sweets if a classic piece like Al Baba wasn’t on it! Established in 1950, Al Baba offers rich Lebanese sweets with its own special touch, which is probably why they’ve been around for a long time.

#6 Taj Al Moulouk (Bliss, Beirut)

Baklava? More like Bak- love- ya! The baklava that Taj Al Moulouk makes is the key to the hearts of many. It stands out for being “the freshest.” You may also want to try their Lebanese ice-cream and smoothies!

Taj Al-Moulouk is located in Bliss and has no other branches in-or-out of Lebanon, as stated on their website. Classified “4 Stars Class A” by the Ministry of Tourism, they have earned at least five certifications.

#7 Al-Iklas Sweets (Bekaa)

With its various branches in Lebanon, Al-Ikhlas offers a large variety of traditional and international pastries of their making, including French crepes, and chocolate cakes, among others.

By the way, this Lebanese pastry is also a restaurant and sells nuts and fresh juices… While there, try the Othmaliyeh. Reviewers are raving about it being very fresh and delicious.  

#8 Al Gondoline Sweets (Bir Hassan & Saida)

Established in 1975, Al-Gondoline is located in the heart of Bir Hassan, Beirut, and with a branch in Saida, offering both traditional and international sweets and desserts, as well as cookies, chocolate, and dragees (sugar-coated nuts).

#9 Al Shareq Sweets (various locations)

Al-Shareq, a family-owned business since 2007, takes pride in being an authentic oriental sweet shop.  In addition to their branch in Beirut, you will find them on Khalde Highway, in Tyr, and in two locations in Nabatieh.

I’m about 100% sure that everyone whilst en route to the South is aware of Al-Shareq Sweets. They make it super easy for any last-minute dessert platters to grab on the way to your visit in the South.

#10 Kanaan (Saida)

Okay so we all know the Saida checkpoint and how the traffic completely gets on our last nerve; however, a little dessert manages to always change our mood and boost our energy while there.

Kanaan happens to be located right across the street from that checkpoint, making it the most strategic place for a quick dessert pick-up in the middle of traffic.

Established in 1954, Kanaan offers authenticity in oriental and international sweets and cuisine.

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