10 Underrated Lebanese Content Creators Everyone Should Know About

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The best way to escape reality is by creating content that projects what we would rather be living. Most Lebanese people consume different types of content on a daily basis through Social Media.

Content that revolves around Lebanon helps both local and the lebanese diaspora connect more with their country and discover it in a different way.

Also, many local content creators are using their platforms to generate income, build their communities, and create job opportunities.

Here are some Lebanese content creators that definitely deserve more recognition:

Do Not Worry Podcast

Anthony Sargon started this podcast back in January 2021. Now, almost a year and a half and 62 episodes later his channel is still going strong. Joined by his two interns, Nour and Elijah, the do not worry podcasts tackle everything related to Lebanon from its influencers to its latest political issues.

Make sure to check out their weekly podcasts on their Youtube Channel along with some vlogs discovering the country.

How About Beirut

Beirut’s Pranksters know how to shock and entertain Lebanese people. You can find their pranks on any platform: Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube.

Their Youtube channel counts 2M subscribers and both their Instagram and Tiktok pages count over 90K followers.

The World Sucks

With 70.1K followers on Instagram so far, “your average Lebanese guy” is making life in Lebanon a little better by surprising its people.

You can watch the touching videos on any social media, as well as contribute by becoming a patreon or a volunteer in one of the videos.

The Unjaded Podcast

After his success on Tiktok, Jad now has a guest-based podcast where he chats with different Lebanese influencers/content creators about almost anything. New episodes drop every Sunday!

His Youtube channel “Jad Ardakani” counts 78.8K subscribers, and his Instagram page is followed by 1,321 fans so far.

Basit Nation

One thing about Lebanese people is that they love a good laugh. Basit Nation, also known as Georges Azar, posts several relatable skits that many Lebanese students can relate to.

This young Lebanese has 350K+ followers on TikTok and 23.3K followers on Instagram, as of the time of writing.

Hungree Gee

“Saraha, let’s do this” whether you know him because of his famous catchphrase (Frankly, let’s do it) or his mouthwatering food reviews, Hungreegee is definitely the creator to follow to keep up with the trending restaurants.

His Instagram page has so far 10K followers and counting.

Feed Your Soul Diet

Myra is a dietitian that defeated all odds and persisted in her career by creating a large community on Social Media and online consultations.

Her Feedyoursouldiet Instagram page, with over 14k followers to date, covers everything related to healthy eating, body image, and delicious creative recipes all while being budget conscious.

The Food Trial

“Anything you serve can and will be held against you in a court of law.”

Every Lebanese restaurant is under trial on the Food Trial page to make sure that they are living up to the standards. If you’re looking for authentic reviews make sure to check out the featured trials.

Michel Fakhoury

Michel is a Lebanese photographer that captures the magic of his surroundings wherever he travels and he does so beautifully.

He has 18.8K followers so far on Instagram and his youtube channel, MichelMotions, is certainly worth following.

Beauty By Lama

Lama Asmar is a makeup artist that posts tutorials, hacks, and everything related to beauty while supporting Lebanese makeup brands.

She has close to 30k followers on Instagram so far.

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