12 Chinese Food Restaurants To Enjoy With Your Friends In Lebanon

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Chinese cuisine is as popular in Lebanon as it is in the world.

With the Lebanese people’s love for food, always exploring the new and appreciating the variety, Lebanon remains, as always, a multi-cultural food hub, and the Chinese cuisine is among them as seen in its various restaurants across the country.

Here are some of the best Chinese food restaurants in Lebanon where you can enjoy this far-eastern authentic and delicious cuisine.

#1 Dou Dou

Dou Dou in Ashrafieh is famous for its modern Chinese dishes inspired by Sichuan and Beijing cuisine. It is a place to enjoy some Broccoli Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, or Seafood Noodles along with, of course, its great ambiance.

#2 The Wok

Located in Mar Mikhael, The Wok has been a hub for Chinese-food lovers in town, and enjoys a reputation of excellence, serving one of the best Chicken Gyoza and Shrimp Dumpling in town.

#3 Long Yin

A fancy restaurant where you can find yourself immersed in Chinese ambiance with its red, gold, and black decor, Long Yin is located at Regency Palace Hotel in Adma, and is known as one of the best in Lebanon.

#4 Ten Asian Bistro

Ten Asian Bistro in Tripoli is mostly an Asian-fusion restaurant featuring a variety of Chinese stir-fries and other and also Japanese food, like sushi rolls.

#5 Little China

Little China in Ashrafieh is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the country, owned by a Chinese couple, and serves delicious Cashew Chicken, Soups, and Spring Rolls, among other dishes.

#6 City Wok

Known for its Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food, this place in Hamra is a must-visit for the Asian culinary experience in a cozy ambiance.

#7 Noodle Bar

A practically new Chinese restaurant that opened in Sodeco in 2021, the Noodle Bar has quickly become a go-to drive-thru bar for its rich and flavorsome Chinese Noodle dishes and speedy and easy services.

#8 Bamboo

Another popular Asian-fusion restaurant in Lebanon, Bamboo serves Chinese, Indian, and Thai food. It’s located in Jounieh Souks and in The Village Food Court in Zgharta, and both locations boast a great ambiance.

#9 Wok Bar

You can find Wok Bar in Saida’s Food Truck Bar to enjoy its Chinese cuisine and friendly atmosphere!

#10 Chopsticks

Who doesn’t know Chopsticks? It’s one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Lebanon, with branches in Dbayeh, Hamra, and Sin El Fil.

Don’t hesitate to try the Crispy Beef, Chicken Corn Soup, and Chicken Cashew.

#11 Shogun

Shogun has been serving Chinese as well as Japanese food for over 24 years in Beirut. It serves a mix of Chinese and Japanese cuisines, such as Sushi, Teppan Yaki, and Teriyaki, along with other items through dine-in and delivery.

#12 Sensei Sushi And Chinese Restaurant

Located in Sin El Fil and in Rabieh, Sensei Restaurant serves both Chinese and Japanese food in a comforting atmosphere.

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