AUB is officially a tobacco-free campus!

Yesterday, the American University of Beirut (AUB)


that the campus is officially tobacco-free. AUB is committed to creating an environment that promotes healthy habits by reducing people’s trigger to smoke cigarettes and protecting the members of the community from exposure to secondhand smoke. AUB also placed cigarette butt bins seven meters away from several buildings and gates. President Fadlo R. Khuri said: “Our ultimate goal is to transform AUB into a more beautiful and wholesome campus as well as a healthier campus community.” Also, the Health and Wellness Center on campus offers a Smoking Cessation Program to help those who want to quit smoking. According to the World Health Organization,

Lebanon ranks third in the world for most cigarette consumption

in 2015 even though an anti-smoking law is in effect. We are looking forward to seeing all the campuses in Lebanon tobacco-free!

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