Beirut Is Having An Official ‘Geek Fest’ Next Week!

Arab Arcade, a game development community in Beirut, is organizing a 2-day Geek Festival! Explore the geek world in all its aspects through the corners that will be available at the event, which are: – Local Games Corner – Makers Corner – Board Game Corner – Virtual Reality Corner – Merch Corner

Beirut Geek Fest

 is all about the geek culture! There will be activities and workshops that will gather all the geeks of Lebanon!

What’s on the agenda?

– Cosplay Competition: If you’re a huge fan of any series or movie, especially an anime lover, dress up as your favorite character and make sure to show up! – Random Art Machine: Whether you’re a professional drawer or an amateur, grab a paper and a pencil and join this one-of-a-kind art event. It consists of a robot that generates a random prompt, which you have to draw. It’s a great way to test your creativity! – Game Jam Showcase: Do you sometimes wonder how games that were built in 48 hours look like? Well, this exhibition is where you’re going to find out the answer! In fact, a Game Jam is a 2-day marathon where game developers create a game that has a specific theme. – Make a Game in 90 Minutes: Take part in this activity and get the unique opportunity to watch Grooy Antoid and Grey Imp Studios create a game in 90 minutes! – Super Smash Bros Competition: compete for the Super Smash Bros Crown. – Treasure Hunt: search for a treasure in the venue of Beirut Greek Fest! Beirut Geek Fest is going to be held on the 15th and the 16th of July in Beirut Digital District! Also, there will be a Geekfest Rooftop Party on the 15th! Tickets cost 7$


and 10$ at the door!

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