Meet the Lebanese Candidate to the Post of Director General of UNESCO!

Later this year, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is going to have a new director general.  A specialized agency of the United Nations (UN), UNESCO aims at promoting peace through an educational, scientific, and cultural approach. The director general should have a vast experience in the field of politics as well as the competence to fill this role. In fact, there are nine candidates that are aiming at being elected as the new director general. They come from different countries, which are: Azerbaijan, France, Guatemala, China, Vietnam, Iraq, Egypt, Qatar, and Lebanon.

Candidate of Lebanon: Vera El Khoury Lacoeuilhe

The Lebanese candidate, whose name is Vera El Khoury Lacoeuilhe, is the current adviser to the Ministry of Culture of Lebanon. With over two decades of experience in the areas of diplomacy and politics, El Khoury Lacoeuilhe is a competent candidate that deserves this position.

Education and experience

She graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science and Government. Later, she received her Master’s degree in Near and Middle Eastern Studies from New York University (NYU). Her work experiences extend from delivering conferences and seminars to occupying high positions at UNESCO. El Khoury Lacoeuilhe is a member of the Independent Team of Advisors (ITA) at ECOSOC (UN Economic and Social Council) in New York. Also, she is a lecturer of international law at Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University. In fact, she has received two decorations: Knight of the National Order of Merit from France, and the Insignia of the Order of Vytautas the Great from Lithuania.

Her vision

The Lebanese candidate truly deserves this position since she has an extensive knowledge of her field, she has an international experience of her practice, and most importantly, she believes in the mission of UNESCO. In the brochure of her candidacy, she mentions the goals of UNESCO which are promoting peace, providing safety, and establishing freedom by downplaying our differences. Also, El Khoury Lacoeuilhe learned from the civil war in Lebanon that our differences should be our strength. Despite our differences in religion, race, and gender, this prominent Lebanese figure says  that we all have something in common: our children. She believes that UNESCO’s mission can provide the children of the future with what they deserve which is a safe world where they can grow to become good citizens and reach their full potential. We believe in her because we believe in a better future. Vera for UNESCO!

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