Caritas Lebanon Launched Initiative To Help The Youth With Job Opportunities

@caritas_lebanon | @Caritaslb

Caritas Lebanon launched the Access to Sustainable Employment for Youth (ASE), a new Livelihoods project aimed to empower the youth in Lebanon to secure jobs.

The project was initiated with the support of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Caritas Switzerland, and Caritas Denmark.

Caritas Lebanon commented that over 200,000 young people left the country amid the economic crisis in order to find job opportunities abroad. In consequence, “today, Caritas is launching a new project to provide sustainable employment as well as supporting emerging businesses.”

President Father Michel Abboud said, “Caritas is ready to go forward with people in Lebanon! We are here to support the youth through these difficult times!”

The project aims to empower the youth by providing them with skills and techniques, as well as financial business startup support, and employability support activities through workshops in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, and the Bekaa regions.

Caritas issued, “People between the age of 18 and 30 can apply! The beneficiaries will be 50% Lebanese and 50% Syrians, divided equally between all genders!”

The NGO explained that the initiative will target 660 youths applicants, and will be “testing and piloting new methodologies in the upcoming 2 years that can be replicated in the future for many more areas all over Lebanon.”

The organization will be updating on the latest news regarding the new Livelihoods project ‘Access to Sustainable Employment for Youth (ASE)’ and how to apply later on via its social media platforms.