13 Cool Places With A Terrace In Beirut To Hang Out With Your Friends

@darelwardieh | @orenda.lb

With the weather starting to get better, and the spring season already here, one just have to go out and enjoy the fresh air after being locked up during one of the harshest winter seasons that hit Lebanon.

Adding that everyone needs a chance to relax and unwind for a few hours from the daily stress of the new normal in Lebanon.

If you are in Beirut or around it, you don’t really have to leave the city to relax and chill in a nature-like place. There are some cool places in Beirut surrounded by green scenery that you can enjoy with your date or friends.

#1 Community Badaro

Community Badaro is the perfect place to chill, have a cup of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, and just enjoy the hours passing chilling and eating.

#2 Mario E Mario

If you have been wanting to relax while getting full of carbs and delicious Italian food, all you have to do is to go to Mario E Mario in Gemmayze and enjoy its lovely atmosphere.

#3 Café Younes

Located in Hamra, AUBMC, Sodeco, Ashrafieh, Badaro, and other locations, Café Younes has become the stable place to have a tasty cup of coffee while hanging out with your friends.

#4 Orenda

Orenda in Mar Mikhael is one of the coolest places to hang out in Beirut surrounded by plants and lovely people!

#5 Salon Beyrouth

To have a lovely and chill lunch, “winner” or just a dinner, Salon Beyrouth would be a perfect choice. The amazing ambiance and the gorgeous décor will make you enjoy the time hanging with your friends.

#6 Makan

Makan in Mar Mikhael is the place to be for a nice outing to experience the beautiful and traditional feel of old Beirut when greenery abounded in the capital.

With the pleasant green setting and the rustic wooden tables and chairs, it is like being transported to the mountains with the breeze on your face.

#7 L’appartement

L’appartement will make you feel right at home! This chill hub in the Sioufi area is perfect for a nice calming afternoon with a bunch of friends, and cocktails in hand.

#8 Hole In The Wall

Don’t let the name fool you! This is more than a hole in the wall. It’s a charming green homely spot in the capital where you can chill without formalities. It’s a friendly place in Monot where you can enjoy a meal and tasty cocktails.

#9 BEYt Garden Café

A “hidden garden” cafe in Mar Mikhael, this homey spot is also a cultural space where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the somehow authentic Beiruti setting. It also has a food store.

#10 Dar El Wardieh

Dar El Wardieh is a hidden gem in Clemenceau with a green patio, offering a wide variety of food and drinks. The cafe, bistro, and restaurant has also a conference room for special events.

#11 Stove Restaurant & Terrace

For a more refined cuisine, while enjoying the outdoor, Stove is the place to go in Beirut. It’s a French restaurant in an old Lebanese house in Ashrafieh offering a delightful setting and menu.

#12 Kalei Coffee Co.

Serving in Mar Mikhael and Ras Beirut, this coffee shop in Beirut was named by Financial Times among the best in the world. It offers an outside seating and sustainably sourced high-quality coffee the place offers.

#13 El Denye Hek

A cool restaurant in Mar Mikhael with a romantic atmosphere, El Denye Hek serves traditional meals, shisha, tea, and more, in a great atmosphere of traditional music. It is located on the upper floors of an old traditional building, with a nice and cozy terrace.