There Is A Cultural Exchange Happening Between Lebanon And Brazil!

With a large Lebanese Diaspora in Brazil, the South American country and Lebanon thought that it’s time to build a cultural bridge between both countries.

An exhibition in Brazil is promoting the tourism in Lebanon!

Lebanon mainly relies on the touristic sector as a source of income. From magnificent beaches to many interesting sites to visit, Lebanon has surely a lot to offer. The Ministry of Tourism in Lebanon is making a lot of effort in order to boost the tourism in the country again. For instance,

the hotel occupancy in Lebanon increased by 25% this summer

. In addition to that, tourists are staying longer in Lebanon. This ministry is not the only entity that is trying to enhance the tourism in Lebanon. There is an exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil called Líbano: Patrimônio da Humanidade (Lebanon: World Heritage) that is promoting Lebanon as a great destination for tourists. The Brazil-Lebanon Cultural Association and the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism have partnered up and organized an exhibit that showcases 50 photos of the main touristic places in Lebanon, which include: Anjar, Baalbek, Byblos, Tyre, the Holy Valley of Quadisha, and the Cedars of God. In fact, these places are World Heritage Sites. Here are the dates and venues of the exhibits:

– August

Venue: Paraíso metro station

– From September 18 to October 13

Venue: Memorial da América Latina


There’s a Brazilian Film Festival at the end of August in Lebanon!

While Brazil is promoting Lebanon as a touristic country, Lebanon will promote the Brazilian culture through a film festival in August and September. For the second time, Beirut will host the Brazilian Film Festival in Metropolis Cinema. From August 31 till September 3, Lebanese people will get the opportunity to watch award-winning Brazilian movies and short films by Lebanese filmmakers. The movies are the following:

  • Nise: The Heart of Madness
  • Orphans of Eldorado
  • Casa Grande
  • Don’t Call Me Son

These are the short films:

  • Lebanon Wins the World Cup, by Tonny El Khoury and Antony Lappé.
  • Apelo, by Bechara Mouzannar.


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