Factory Owner in Lebanon Just Got Arrested For Overpricing Chicken

Sawt Beirut l Akhbar Beirut

The Minister of Economy and Trade, Raoul Nehmeh, took action to stop an attempt at exploiting the Lebanese citizens during these tough times.

In his own words, Minister Nehmeh stated: “It is forbidden to exploit citizens and violate the decision issued by the Ministry of Economy and Trade and exceed the percentage of the profit.”

“Otherwise, we will request the arrest of the merchant for a period that may reach up to a month, in addition to a large financial fine and the confiscation of goods,” he warned.

The Consumer Protection Directorate in Lebanon went to investigate one of the chicken factories and found out that the price is very high and not justified according to the applicable laws and procedures.

The goods were seized and the factory was sealed with red wax with a signal from the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Mount Lebanon. The owner of the factory was arrested.

The office of Minister Raoul Nehmeh has received several complaints via WhatsApp and on social media on the price of chicken breasts per kilo from Shouman’s factory.

The Minister asked the judiciary to confiscate the goods and deliver them to the Municipality of Mansourieh, to be distributed to charities.

The Municipality police distributed the chicken on Saturday, under the supervision of the Ministry and State Security members in Mount Lebanon, to shelters, nursing homes, orphanages, education centers, and hunger relief campaigns…

This is a first in Lebanon, both in seizing the goods, distributing them, and arresting the owner. The Minister of Economy and Trade publicized a number for receiving citizens complaints about exploitation and high prices in Lebanon: 70 909 022.

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