Ghana Is Sending Trees to Help Reforest Lebanon After the Wildfire Disaster

The leader of the Higher Relief Commission in Lebanon, Mohammad Khair, has confirmed that Ghana is willing to donate as many trees as needed for the reforestation of Lebanon.


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This has been confirmed by Khair himself after receiving a call from the ambassador of Lebanon in Ghana, saying that Ghana is willing to send seedlings and trees to help repair the damage that occurred after wildfires erupted in different areas in Lebanon on Tuesday.

This generous initiative will help in the reforestation of many green areas, like Meshref, Damour, and Akkar, which were burned down to flames because of unconfirmed reasons to this date.


The help offered is one out of many sent our way internationally ever since the wildfires erupted. Cyprus, Greece, and Jordan were among the countries that sent planes to assist and combat the forest fires in Lebanon. Most of the fires were extinguished on Wednesday morning, as confirmed by the Minister of Interior and Municipalities Raya Hassan in a televised interview on MTV.

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These countries alongside UNIFIL and citizens of affected towns and nearby helped our heroic Lebanese Civil Defense and Lebanese Army, joining forces to halt the fire from spreading more than it already did. Sudden night rain also played a major role in helping put out some of the fires.

The wildfires may have been disastrous, taking down many houses along with trees and wildlife, but this is not the end. Ghana offering trees is only the beginning of a long but productive journey to help repair what was damaged and help rebuild houses and flourish forests like never before.

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We also as citizens and natives of Lebanon should join hands in doing all that we can to help heal and repair our deeply wounded land. Consider what you can do, where you can volunteer, and what you can offer. We are all in this together.

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Lebanon has been put down so many times before, yet it stands still every single time. Lebanese people have put aside all their diversities and conflicts and stood hand in hand to help aid and shelter all the families affected, be it by food, clothes, or houses. We shall rise from this, together as One.


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