Lebanese Gov’t Just Voted Against Stopping Bisri Dam’s Works


The Lebanese government just finished its second session of three-day-long sessions alongside the Lebanese parliament, voting on various matters deemed urgent.

Among them was voting on whether to stop or continue the works of the Bisri Dam, a highly controversial project that has been keeping the Lebanese activists in Lebanon and abroad busy fighting it.

According to NNA, an urgent law to stop all the works and constructions related to the Bisri Valley dam was presented by deputy Paula Yacoubian.

Yacoubian explained the reasons for her proposal: “We do not know whether it will meet the needs necessary for the water or not. Let us repair the network before the dam is built.”

She stressed that the Bisri Valley, due to its unstable structure, cannot hold dams as expected. “We have a responsibility to stop the works and to stop this environmental crime,” she stressed.

After Yaacoubian’s proposal, the characteristic of urgency was put to the vote. The council voted against the urgency of stopping Bisri Dam’s works and the proposal was referred to the relevant committee.

Save the Bisri Valley Twitter account tweeted, “The proposal to stop the Bisri Dam project did not stop, but the urgency was removed from it and transferred to relevant committees for further research. Bisri Dam’s deal will fall sooner or later. #BisriDamWillNotPass.”

Worth noting that the World Bank has recently decided to stop funding the project, in response to the relentless campaigns of awareness by the Lebanese activists.

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