Hezbollah and Amal Supporters Are Forming Counter-Demonstrations

At around 9:15 PM today, groups of and Amal supporters drove around the southern city of Tyre on their motorcycles, carrying their sectarian flags and yelling chants and slogans in support of their leaders.


After circulating the main streets and neighborhoods of Tyre, they headed to Al-Alam Square on the eastern side of the city, where they faced the protesters and exchanged rivaling chants with them.

Fights broke out, shots from automatic firearms were fired in the air, reportedly by the Lebanese army in the area, and protesters’ tents were burned down by the attackers.

On the same note, large groups of the same affiliation have also stormed various protest areas in Beirut on their motorcycles. Shots have also been fired from an, so far, unconfirmed source in the Cola Bridge area, to which the army and security forces have responded by sending reinforcements to the area.

These two scenes are similar to that which occurred yesterday, November 25, late at night, when groups of and Amal supporters rode their motorcycles to the Ring Bridge and attacked the protesters in the area with rocks in the presence of security forces. The tense clash extended hours after midnight, and resulted in a few injuries.