Hezbollah Wants France To Punish Charlie Hebdo Over Iranian Regime Cartoons

Hezbollah’s Media Relations Office released a statement urging the French government to “take decisive measures in a bid to hold the offenders accountable.”

It condemned Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons of Ali Khamenei, the ‘Supreme leader’ in the Iranian regime, as a “hideous offense.”

Hezbollah accused Charlie Hebdo of attacking Khamenei, describing him as “not only a leader of a great country but also…an icon of humanity, freedom, dignity, resistance, and pride.”

The cartoons were published as part of a competition organized by Charlie Hebdo to produce caricatures of the Iranian Regime’s ‘Supreme Leader’ to “support the Iranians’ fight for freedom by ridiculing their religious leader from another age, thus consigning him to historical oblivion.”

The Iranian Regime is violently cracking down on a widespread revolution against it, led by women, demanding the fall of the Islamic regime. Tens of thousands have been arrested and hundreds killed, mostly children.

Countless reports emerged that the political prisoners are being tortured and raped by the guards. The government has begun executing the prisoners.

Charlie Hebdo fell victim to a terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda at their office in Paris in 2015, resulting in 12 people killed.

You can see the winners of the competition here.

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