Japan Set Up Solar Panels For 122 Schools Across Lebanon


The Japanese Ambassador to Lebanon Mr. Takeshi Okubo attended on Monday the ceremony for a project, funded by the government of Japan, deploying made-in-Japan solar panels in 122 public schools across Lebanon.

The sustainable project aims to support schools in Lebanon by providing them with the rarity that has become electricity in the country so students can get the education they need to move forward and ensure a better future for themselves.

The project will also help these schools to reduce electricity consumption and lower their expenses, amid an increase in fuel prices, and ongoing high demand for education in the public sector for both Lebanese and refugees.

In his speech, Ambassador Takeshi Okubo commented that his country aims to support the Lebanese education sector by easing the situation and encourage more students to enroll and get the education they deserve.

He commented on the importance of renewable energy in reducing the country’s high emission rates and dependency on fuel to ensure safe and sustainable energy production and consumption.

He asserted that Lebanese officials should emphasize renewable energy “to tackle energy challenges”, while also expressing Japan’s willingness to support initiatives that will help Lebanon’s future.

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