LAU Joins Forces With UNEP To Implement Sustainable Fashion


In a fast-paced world, sustainable growth is a challenge that this generation has to face to conserve the future of our Earth.

Fast Fashion is one of the threats that the environment is enduring, not without detrimental effects, and the Lebanese American University (LAU) aims to reduce its impact.

Under the West Asia Sustainable Fashion Academy (WASFA) framework, LAU partnered up with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). They launched the new “Zero Waste Fashion: an Eco-Design Marathon” initiative to promote sustainability in the fashion industry.


The three-day workshop in Beirut hosted local and international students from the top fashion schools in West Asia. The project’s purpose was to prove that there is a way to create ethically produced fashion garments without allowing any fabric to go to waste.

The training course aimed to teach and implement methods to reduce the amount of fabric that will be thrown away in the future. Students were trained on new techniques and designs that are eco-friendly, which will be integrated into LAU’s curriculum.


The workshop also included theoretical talks by experts in the field such as the worldwide renowned Lebanese designer Rami Kadi, who is WASFA’s ambassador.

During the annual fashion show, students concluded their training by showcasing their zero-waste pieces, stepping fashionably towards a greener future.

Simultaneously, second-year fashion design students were introduced to bio-design through a course given by instructors coming from Vancouver, Canada.

Each student developed their own project by choosing a bacteria and experimenting with it until they create a biodegradable and sustainable material.

For instance, Nour El dana, one of the students told 961 that she was able to replace PVC, a plastic texture, with algae. On the other hand, her peer, Yasmine Ayass, created sustainable leather through mycelium that is sourced from mushrooms.

Such practices allow designers to replace polluting materials with new sustainable ones and decrease overall green gas emissions.

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