Le Mall in Beirut is Officially Set To Shut Down In March

A while back, the sad news of Le Mall Sin El Fil permanently shutting down was out. This is an epidemic we have been witnessing a lot lately with many restaurants, cafes, and other local institutions.

Every news of the like is very devastating. So many people are losing their jobs and giving up their businesses due to the economic crisis in Lebanon. 

This gives the world a glimpse of what the Lebanese people are going through, and the tough circumstances they are being forced to face on a daily basis. The shops and restaurants in Le Mall Habtoor, Sin El Fil, were, unfortunately, already shutting their doors one by one for a while now. 

Acres, the company responsible for Le Mall projects, announced recently that the official closing of this branch will be by the end of March. 

In a statement, the company issued that the decision was taken because the complex was being pressured financially.

The crisis in Lebanon, which led to difficulties in importing goods, and the faltering banking facilities negatively affected the business. This formed an obstacle regarding the continuity of owners of shops, restaurants, and institutions within Le Mall.

Acres praised Le Mall’s employees, owners, leaders, customers, and the companies that provided services and goods for the entirety of the complex working period. It went then wishing Lebanon peace, security, and stability.

Although people lost one branch of one of their favorite malls in Lebanon, the good news is that they still have two other branches to visit, enjoy, and shop at. These two branches have everything we used to love in Le Mall Sin el Fil.

Le Mall Dbayeh and Saida will provide great energy, diverse shops, amazing restaurants, or most importantly, the beautiful decorations that we waited for every holiday season.

The only sad thought remains for the people who lost their jobs and businesses. Hopefully, this phenomenon won’t last long.

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